Route Planner empower your passengers

  • It helps existing passengers save effort, time and money
  • New passengers discover your services through easy-to-use apps
  • 10% of passengers in one city are using our route planner
  • if it wasn’t for the route planner, 5% of them said they wouldn’t be using public transport at all, 25% said they would be using public transport less often


This application offers travellers detailed route planning for public transport. Using fast and versatile computing algorithms, the route planner can accommodate all relevant transit data, and is available in multiple languages.

The app user can search departure and arrival points (autosuggest for street addresses, POIs and stations), as well as place departure/arrival pins directly on the map. Features include selection of preferred transport means as well as the option to calculate the fastest/shortest/cheapest route.

The list of results includes step-by-step directions and details regarding waiting times, stops, transfers and schedules, total (walk) distance, all integrated in a visual interface that is both comprehensive and user-friendly. Optionally, we can include a CO2/emissions calculator.

Visual and/or text details for each computed route may be sent to friends (via unique link, email, PM or SMS) or printed. Also, users may check individual route details as well as get relevant POIs on the map.

We provide users with mail/phone service alerts for routes set by them as favourites. All user activity is logged and available in the Analyst module.

Our software can also integrate seamlessly with third-party intelligent transportation technologies and also aggregate real-time transit feeds from existing AVL systems, if available.


The mobile apps are very similar in features and feel to the web application. Extra features relate to ticketing and location based services. The radar function detects the nearest stations and shows next bus arrival / departure times. Also, the user may opt-in to receive alerts for the drop-off stop coming up, as well as discover nearby attractions.

Agency-related, the mobile apps can include on-the-go payment options: buy ticket or subscription via bank card, e-wallet or SMS. Furthermore, we can activate an option for travellers to send the agency incident reports.

free route planner

This option allows our Route Planner functionality to be easily embedded into your website. Both functionality and visual aspect can be customized to better fit the customers’ needs.