Analyst see statistics & discover patterns

  • Gets fed data from the Route Planner
  • The only available solution to see people‚Äôs travel INTENTION
  • Corroborate with data from ticketing and counting systems and optimize routes/frequencies
  • Save fuel, personnel and maintenance costs

The Analyst is a route planner-associated dashboard that allows the transit agency to see comprehensive statistics, reports and mobility patterns. This detailed overview allows transport network optimisation that generates substantial cost reduction.

The dashboard includes application usage and performance, detailed user activity, marketing-ready reports, etc. Also, you get relevant information number of visitors/impressions, referral information, favourite routes and POIs, number of calculated routes, total number of mobile application installs etc.

The agency can view the most requested routes, departure and arrival requests, as well as patterns. The Analyst provides a comprehensive set of statistics and reports that allows the agency to make informed decisions in optimising transit routes and timetables.

Furthermore, the Analyst module includes statistics regarding the apps: web app, mobile apps, widget incorporated into third-party websites.