what we do

Transit Director offers comprehensive solutions for public transit route planning, as well as intuitive tools for surveying, generating, maintaining, publishing, and analysing data associated with public transport networks.

Infrastructural-wise, the system has been built to sustain a large number of client applications, regardless of the supporting technology or platforms. Although developed natively on every platform (using different technologies), our applications maintain a single graphic interface and offer a uniform experience on a wide range of devices.

Our sales strategy is based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which means that software and data is stored remotely and safely on our servers. This reduces overall costs and ensures timely maintenance, updates and repairs.

about us

Concept Apps is a Romanian company specialised in creating mobile applications and providing GIS/CIS software.

Our main focus is to build software that serves the community by empowering both public transit agencies and passengers.

Our vision and mission are to put technology at the heart of sustainable urban development and to constantly enhance passengers’ experience in using public transport. Merging 4 years of experience with user-oriented dynamics, we bring innovative projects to life.